Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proud to be an Indian

So we have it finally. A vote for youth and competence. After decades of political fatigue and a mish-mash of murky alliances, the Indian Diaspora has voted in favor of a strong and stable Government. It has voted for Secularism and against Racism.

I believe this to possibly be a turning point in Indian Politics and the start of a journey that will finally put to bed (to a large extent) corruption and bring in force a political will which has accountability and purpose as its foundation.

Political parties will need to rethink the very platforms that they have so far leveraged and abused over the last few decades as they come to terms with a voter community which is increasingly aware, youthful and no longer as naive as they would like to believe. The typical “vote banks” can no longer be taken for granted.

This will force performance and a gradual shift away from the age old platform of racism and religion. It will force a generation of politicians to “gracefully retire” and allow a new – and younger – breed of challengers to come forward and lead with vigor, energy and hopefully honesty.

India has tremendous potential. What has let us down is the lack of a strong and homogenous political will and purpose. If we were to acquire this, India WILL finally take a leadership role in the Global Community.

I salute the Indian Diaspora as it continues its unwavering journey towards fulfilling its historic destiny – in spite of all odds and all the so called pundit-speak.

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