Saturday, January 10, 2009

Web 2.0 Technology Trends for 2009

This is in response to a question on a Birlasoftians Forever Group Discussion that I gave on the same subject. I am repeating this for the larger community.

My quick take:

Mobile Applications will be the hottest. Particularly as 3G proliferates. Keep a close watch as always on the iPhone and related APIs/Widgets. Look out for Enterprise Mobility. Enterprises will increasingly invest in Mobile Technology to enable their Muppies (Mobile Yuppies). A term I JUST coined :-). We are building VAS apps for some of our Health tools. I believe that Mobile could actually become the primary Internet Connection for the future.

Semantic Search - this is the future of Search Engines. Look out for tools such as Kosmix, Yahoo Glue. Again we are building similar functionality in our Healthcare Portal. Cloud Computing and UCC - was hype in the last 2 years, will find relevance in 2009. Amazon's EC2 is a good working example.

Enterprise Mashup and Green IT - these again will become mainstream - again here we are figuring out how to deploy these concepts in our Portal and Customer Interfaces.

OpenID will get traction. More courtesy Facebook.

What else? According to Read Write Web, Health Web Apps will get more focus - Good for me. Also Indian start ups will push outwards competing on price in the current economic climate.

Look out for action on Twitter, Digg, eBay. They need to find buyers.

I could go on. But will do so as a follow up comment. As you can see I am more focused on the Application and not the particular technology that one could leverage to deploy - there are too many. Although I do have some favorites. Mostly Opensource. I am building a start up after all!!

Your in Good Health and Have a Good Life


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